You ever worked on a problem for like forever and then, just by talking about it to somebody else, solved it in minutes? This motivates Pair Programming, Mob Programming, and… Rubber Duck Debugging. Hail the Duck! ► All My Insights Share this: 

Insight of the Week #06 – Let the Duck Debug

Some of you guys reported that the Maven project wizards is broken for you and only creates part of the project scaffolding. Though I highly recommend fixing your setup (you know, where one thing’s broken, probably others are, too) you can easily live without the wizard. In this episode, I […]

Maven in Eclipse #01a – Setup w/o Wizard

To get things done, it’s important to get everything else out of your head. You cannot manage it all in there without blowing your mind anyways. So just write it down and deal with it later. No more, “Ups, we’d this 2 hours go?” ► All My Insights Share this: 

Insight of the Week #05 – Follow the White Rabbit

Many insights light the way from a mere programmer to a “Software Craftsman”. Let’s talk about one of the fundamentals: Write code you are proud of. Even in a year’s time. Work hard to write such code. It makes you feel better and it helps others. Win-win! ► All My […]

Insight of the Week #04 – Work Hard, Be Proud

Sometimes, I put myself under a lot of pressure, when facing some code that doesn’t look like I like it. I spent much time trying to fix that, because I’m not really sure where to go with it. JBrains told me, that when facing such situations, I should really let […]

Insight of the Week #03 – When Not To Clean ...

People say good and bad things about Maven’s release plugin. Fact is, it makes a releasing you project relatively easy, if you want releases to be all-green (tests), tagged in your version control, and deployed to some repository. I show you how you prepare your project for these steps, in […]

Maven in Eclipse #10 – Release Prepare

Software Release is a process loathed or even feared by developers all over the world. I think that the feelings that come with the term “release” comes from the vast number of things we associate with the term. And like always, when I find myself doing too many things, I […]

Insight of the Week #02 – Release is not Release

If you want people (or yourself) to use your project as a dependency, you need to get it deployed in some maven repository. Therefore, you need to tell Maven where to deploy to, how to deploy there, and how to authenticate (if necessary). I walk you through these steps. ► […]

Maven in Eclipse #09 – Deployment