When I receive an Eclipse project as an archive, I can easily import the archived project into Eclipse. Let me show you how. ► All Eclipse Tricks Share this: 

Eclipse – Import Archived Project

Sometimes, I want to export a project from Eclipse, for backup or to share it. I prefer more sophisticated methods, such as version control, but it never hurts to know the basic tools available. ► All Eclipse Tricks Share this: 

Eclipse – Export Project to ZIP

When I build an app, at some point I want to export it as an executable. A simple way is to create an executable JAR file, which can be run from the console or simply by double click on most modern OSs. Eclipse makes this easy for me. Let me […]

Eclipse – Export Runnable JAR

At last, I’m building some primitive UI. ASCII art for the win! Let’s explore how we can test-drive user interfaces. Things are somewhat easier with this kind of old-school UI type, but much of what we learn applies to fancier UIs as well. ► All Game of Life Episodes Share […]

Conway’s Game of Life #25 – Finally, UI

If we write tests in a way nobody is able to understand them, then we end up with tests not worth writing. Because an automated test that takes me more time to understand than it would take me to just check the same thing manually, does not provide any value. […]

Insight of the Week #17 – Useful Tests

Using frameworks is great, because we can reuse functionality without going through the trouble implementing it. Using frameworks sucks, because often they do much more than we need and we have to somehow deal with this mismatch. ► All Game of Life Episodes Share this: 

Conway’s Game of Life #24 – Bloated Interfaces

Whenever I hear somebody say: I’ll quickly finish this and then I write some tests for it, my head explodes. Why do we do this? If you know, please tell me! ► All My Insights Share this: 

Insight of the Week #16 – Y U No Test?!?

Once upon a time, there was the original universe of Conway’s Game of Life. But to make it testable, the Developer created an abstraction of it and, thus, was born the possibility of other universes where different rules may apply. ► All Game of Life Episodes Share this: 

Conway’s Game of Life #23 – An Abstract Universe

First, let’s see how a test for our Conway’s Game of Life implementation could look like. I start by sketching the test in pseudo code to get the idea. ► All Game of Life Episodes Share this: 

Conway’s Game of Life #22 – Sketching a Test