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In this episode, Ben and I give a high-level introduction to Software Project Management. We sketch the four main management activities to frame upcoming episodes: – Plan – – Organize – – Motivate – – Control – ► Let’s Develop Project Management: ► Let’s Develop! […]

Project Management – An Introduction

Next requirement is to check for exceptional cases an throw. I use JUnits ExpectedException Rule to test exceptions and their message. I use more Java8 Streams features to check for the exceptional cases and to build the exception message. As always, I clean up after myself. ► All Kata Episodes: […]

String Calculator Kata 03 – Testing Exceptions (JUnit) & Streams ...

Prime Factors is a simple, yet interesting kata about implementing prime-factor computation. The kata was developed by Uncle Bob, together with his son. I perform it here in Vanilla Java. ► All Kata Episodes: ► Let’s Develop! ► Don’t Miss an Episode: ► Kata: ► The […]

Code Kata – Prime Factors

Using Google’s Guava I can considerably simplify my implementation. I trust Google developers. Those guys generally know their handiwork. After this refactoring, I’m finally content with my implementation. ► All Potter Kata Episodes: ► Let’s Develop! ► Don’t Miss an Episode: ► CodingDojo: ► The Code: […]

Code Kata – Potter #7 – Introducing Google’s Guava