Whatever you do, it’s important to keep the context in mind. There’s millions of techniques and methods you might apply to your task at hand, but your context determines whether this is feasible or not. ► All My Insights Share this: 

Insight of the Week #15 – Behold the Context

Finally, I’m coming back to my Conway’s Game of Life. I plan to marry it to Eric Smith’s game loop and then try different alternatives for UI implementations. Do you have experience with Java UI frameworks for game development? Test driven, if possible? Tell me! ► All Game of Life […]

Conway’s Game of Life #21 – Thinking UI

Overhead is annoying. Period. It’s ok to have it once, maybe even twice or thrice. But no more. Overhead keeps me from being motivated to do things I like to do. That’s why I try to get rid of it wherever I can. Like in this episode. ► All My […]

Insight of the Week #14 – Overhead

Find out how other people practice coding! codekatas.org is a prime source of code casts. You’ll find many different katas in many different language performed by many different people. What better thing to learn? ► All Recommendations Share this: 

I Recommend: CodeKatas.org

It is natural for humans to estimate. We do it all the time, reflexively. And this is good, because it keeps our minds from overloading. However, we have to take care to re-evaluate our estimations for them not to become prejudices. ► All My Insights Share this: 

Insight of the Week #13 – Estimates and Prejudices

Definitely worth every penny: The WBITDD series of jbrains. He develops a small point-of-sale system, including hardware. Possible approaches, design alternatives, and much more are discussed and most important of all: You get to see some hands-on TDD. There’s a preview available. Decide for yourself if it’s worth spending money […]

I Recommend: Worlds Best Intro to TDD

With code it is like with emails. It is impolite to just send a braindump to somebody, expecting her to figure the essence of it. The same way it’s impolite to check in ugly code, expecting the next person (possibly oneself) to figure out what it does the next time. […]

Insight of the Week #12 – Refactoring is Politeness

James Shore’s Playlist about test driving his personal tax/finance management software surely provides real-world insight to TDD. It’s a great experience to follow James on his journey and see the app evolve over time. It’s worth your time. I promise! ► All Recommendations Share this: 

I Recommend: Let’s Play TDD

When developing with frameworks, we usually have an integration problem, because the assumptions underlying our unit tests may or may not match the actual behaviour of the framework. Today I discuss a strategy to get out of this mess without duplicating tests or throwing away TDD. ► All My Insights […]

Insight of the Week #11 – Testing in Frameworks